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About the conference

Federation 2017 – Conference for a better democracy.

Over the last couple of years Sweden has experienced the rise of new social movements. When the established democracy has failed, more people have found it meaningful to come together and act for change. The empowered refugee movement of 2015 served as a waking call, and recently people have found new ways to organise themselves for workers’ rights and against austerity and social injustice. On top of this, there are ongoing struggles against higher rents, against cuts in the welfare sector, and finally there´s the Afghan refugee youths whose sit-ins in the middle of Stockholm form a strong protest against Swedish and EU migration policy have shown us how these struggles are interconnected.

The social and democratic rights that we have fought for during the last century are threatened. This means, we must turn to a new kind of democracy, one that is participatory and inclusive, that is against statecraft but strengthens politics. A democracy where everyone contributes after their own capabilities.

Federation 2017 is a conference about organisation and democratisation. The participants are from the grassroots social movements in Sweden and abroad. For three days, we will gather to discuss our common goals and futures and vision a society made from hope and solidarity. The goal is to share knowledge and inspiration and to support and strengthen each other against present and coming opposition. We want to form new alliances and build a platform for cooperation.

The conference will, among other things, aim to untangle issues as:

– How do we turn the upcoming Swedish elections, and state-politics in general, into opportunities to form concrete alternatives to capitalism, the nation state and patriarchy?

– How do we bring diverse struggles against oppression together to a broad movement for another society?

– How do we create political and social structures that form a real alternative to the parliamentarian democracy?

Paticipants are, (among others)

Demos Stockholm, (Sweden/Stockholm)

Musketörerna i Rågsved, (Sweden/Stockholm)

Nätverket Ort till Ort, (Sweden/Stockholm)

Demokratisk Omställning, (Sweden/Göteborg)

Nätverket Linje 17, (Sweden/Stockholm)

Allt åt Alla Stockholm (Sweden/Stockholm)
Tillsammansskapet (Sweden/Nationwide)

Solefteå Framtidens Akutsjukhus (Sweden/Solefteå)

Ung  i Sverige (Sweden/Nationwide)

Massa Critica (Italy/Neapel)

Barcelona en Comú (Spain/Barcelona)